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Prevention 1st is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit, charitable organization with a mission to prevent unintentional injury for populations at particularly high risk: children, older adults, and people with disabilities.

Why preventable injuries?

Unlike other leading causes of death, reduced quality of life, and health care costs--such as smoking, obesity and diabetes--preventable injuries have not received much attention. Yet it's much easier to buckle a seat belt, check a smoke alarm, or put away clutter that can cause a fall than it is to make major lifestyle changes.

Also unlike other leading causes of death such as tobacco use and poor diet, deaths due to injuries affect the young and old alike. Because of this, life-years lost due to injuries are likely to exceed those from other preventable causes.

Injuries are a serious but hidden contributor to health care costs. They account for more than a third of all emergency department visits, and cost the nation $80 billion every year in medical costs alone. The estimated lifetime cost of injuries occurring in a single year in the U.S is more than $406 billion.

Our Current Projects:

After the Fire: The Teachable Moment

Safe at Home: Home Safety Workshops

Safety for Special People:
Safetey Training for People with Developmental Disabilities

Prevention 1st Home Fire Drill Campaign

Help Mikey Make It Out

Mikey Makes a Mess

You Can Help

Your tax-deductible gift to Prevention1st can:

  • Help a child cope with the aftermath of a fire at home.
  • Bring life-saving safety education to her classroom.
  • Inspire a family to plan and practice a home fire drill, so they will respond quickly if a crisis strikes.
  • Protect a loved one with a developmental disability by bringing him safety education designed especially for his learning needs.
    Donate now.

You can also support Prevention 1st through the United Way of Greater Rochester. Our Donor Choice ID # is 2472.


'Plan and Practice a Home Fire Drill' and 'Have Smoke Alarms That Work'

Have smoke alarms that work

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April 26
Bike Rodeo
Clara Barton School #2
Rochester, NY
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More Articles:

After the Wells Fire: Beyond Codes and Regulation
When fire spread through the Riverview Individualized Residential Alternative in Wells, NY, four of the nine people with developmental disabilities living there perished. Two years later, are people with developmental disabilities any safer?
Read our letter to the Governor.

Kids Teaching Kids How to Stay Safe
Fifth and sixth-graders at a Rochester City School have teamed up with Prevention 1st to learn home safety--and teach it to their classmates. Read more.

New York Teacher Features 'After the Fire'

New York Teacher, the journal of New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), has published an article on Prevention 1st's program After the Fire: The Teachable Moment.

Read the full article.
Learn more/request After the Fire for your classroom.

You Can Help

Get Involved in Preventing Injuries and Saving Lives

Classroom safety educationYou can save lives by learning how to prevent injuries, and supporting the work of Prevention 1st. Learn more.

Latest News

We're All For Biking--Safely

More and more cities are promoting bicycling and introducing bike share programs as a means of exercise, traffic calming and pollution reduction. Congress is even considering a bipartisan bill to provide communities with low-cost financing to make streets and sidewalks safer for all users, directing funding specifically for low-income communities.

While Prevention 1st wholeheartedly supports bill HR 3978, we have also asked its sponsors to include a fund to help each community's health care or human service agencies educate bicycle riders and distribute (and fit) bike helmets to residents.

The most recent studies show that properly fitted bike helmets can reduce the risk of head injuries by 85% and traumatic brain injuries by 88% (  Yet, far less than half the population uses them, and we continue to encourage biking while ignoring this simple and effective tool for doing it safely.  

Similarly, more than 500,000 people are hurt in "accidental," but preventable, collisions each year (CDC, 2012).  We know that schools do not have the time to teach bike and pedestrian safety, including the "rules of the road," and we are seeing the direct results.

Update -- Governor Cuomo has now signed this bill into law.

The New York State Assembly and Senate have both approved a ban on novelty lighters, leaving only the governor’s signature to join other states in making it illegal to sell such lighters.

Novelty lighters come in forms likely to attract children, and can look like toys meant to be played with. They often depict cartoon characters, vehicles like miniature cars or motorcycles, toys such as footballs or skateboards, animals, food, beverages, or devices such as cell phones or microphones. Ironically, some are shaped like fire safety items such as fire hydrants or extinguishers! Here’s a news report on novelty lighters

What can you do?

  • If you live in NYS, thank your state Senator  and Assemblyman and Governor Cuomo for passing this important legislation.
  • Keep all lighters, and matches, out of sight and reach of children.
  • Teach children that lighters are adult tools only, and to ‘tell a grown-up’ if they find one.

Another reason NOT to buy or use novelty lighters: Mother Mistakes Gun for Lighter.

Thank you to:

Ralpha Honda and everyone who turned out to make Prevention 1st Awareness Night with the Rochester Red Wings a success.

Kiwanis West Central of Rochester. Their donation of $1,200 will help bring Prevention 1st fire safety and home safety training workshops to Holy Childhood.

Bruegger's , which raised over $2,300 for Prevention 1st's programs by carrying donation boxes in its Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany bakeries. Stop in for a bagel and say thanks!

Safety for People Diagnosed With Developmental Disabilities

Since 2006, Prevention 1st has been advocating for, developing, and delivering effective home safety education for people with developmental disabilities, who are at higher risk for unintentional injuries. Learn more about Safety for Special People.

Injuries Are Part of U.S. Health Disadvantage
American men ranked last in life expectancy among comparable high-income countries in the recently released study, “U.S. Health in International Perspective: Shorter Lives, Poorer Health,” and unintentional injuries played a role. Read more.

Helping Young Children Cope With Trauma,
a publication of the Red Cross, is part of Prevention 1st's
After the Fire: The Teachable Moment program and can assist parents and other adults in helping children deal with many types of disaster and trauma.

It is also available in Spanish:
Cómo Ayudar A Los Niños A Enfrentar Traumas

Home Safety Checklist
(as seen in Doctor's Advice)

Fire Safety Checklist
Also available in Spanish: Lista de Verificación de Seguridad Contra Incendios

Why We Still Need to Promote Fire Safety

People still just don’t get it. Several surveys over recent years continue to find that 80%-90% of Americans feel safer from fires at home than in a public building, or feel equally safe in both locations. Unfortunately, they couldn’t be more wrong. Here's what they need to know.

For Childcare Providers: When a Child Experiences a Fire

One in every 11 people over 65 are treated in an emergency room for an unintentional injury in one year. Here's what you can do to Protect Older Adults from Injury.

Every 4 seconds, a child is treated for an injury in the emergency department.

Every hour, a child dies as a result of an injury.

Death rates from unintentional injuries among children and adolescents have declined by nearly 30 percent--yet these injuries remain the leading killer of children.

Read more of the new Vital Signs report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"Mikey Makes a Mess" at School!

Mikey Makes a Mess Now Online
Mikey Makes a Mess storybook

Prevention 1st has partnered with Fireproof Children to put its outstanding children's storybook Mikey Makes a Mess online. Read it here.

Home Fire Drill Saves Trace Adkins Family
Having a practiced home fire drill saved the three young daughters of country western singer Trace Adkins when a fire broke out in the garage, his wife has told the media.

Plan and practice your home fire drill today!

Workplace Fire Drills That Work
Fire drills. You know you should have them, you’ve been meaning to plan them, maybe next week.  Or, you’ve tried to have fire drills but your employees are, let’s say, less than enthusiastic. Here's a way to make fire drills easier—and more effective.

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Protect Your Family from Fire
Also available in Spanish: Protege a su Familia de un Incendio

Protect Your Family From Scalds and Burns
Also available in Spanish: Protege a su Familia de Escaldaduras (Calentamiento) y Quemaduras

Protect Your Family From Falls
Also available in Spanish: Proteja a su Familia de las Caídas

Protect Your Family From Poison
Also available in Spanish: Protege a su Familia de Envenenamientos

Protecting People With Developmental Disabilities
(our article for the NYS Developmental Disabilities Planning Council)

Why Are Children Fascinated With Fire?

Help Mikey Make It Out, an interactive fire safety game

Recommended Children's Books About Fire and Fire Safety

Home Fire Drill: Does Your Family Know What to Do?, a 17-minute video.

Be Safer With Your Pet

Protect the Ones You Love: Child Injuries Are Preventable," a CDC initiative.

Grants Fund Home Safety Training

Find more news and articles in our Newsroom


IIf you need help and don't know where to turn visit the Finger Lakes Region 2-1-1 Website


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